About Me

Hi! My name is Jon Fitch. Me and my friends like playing all kinds of card games, so we often enjoy ours “playing card” events. This is usually Friday evening nights when we meet together at one of us, drink beer or two and enjoy in playing poker, bridge, and other card games. Shuffling decks of the cards is must be in all kind of card games and it’s often subject to disagreement, especially when it’s not your lucky evening. To avoid all kind of problems we usually use card shuffler to make shuffle cards. We have a few pieces of shuffling machines of all sizes and ranges from 2 deck hand cranked card shuffler to automatic card shuffler with 4 and even 6 decks capacity. Some of my friends even buy professional card shufflers and use them regularly on our events.

I often saw card shuffling machines in action so I decided to create this website to help all of you who are looking for best card shufflers that your money can buy. Here I will offer some useful reviews, comparisons and also tips to get the automatic card shuffler that will suits you best. I really hope you’ll find my blog useful. For any additional questions, you can contact me via e-mail form on “contact me” page.