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Automatic card shufflers are here and they are the key to enjoying your card game. Have you ever played cards with a person who is extremely slow at shuffling cards? You know, that kind of person that stops to talk in the middle of a shuffle, or take a sip of whatever they are drinking; or maybe the person you are playing with is the type that shuffles the cards over and over again. You get the picture I’m painting, right? That kind of people that will want to make you take a nap at a card game.
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Well, the perfect solution for your condition is here, and they are known as card shufflers or shuffling machines. With the card shuffler machine, your gaming is going to be at least ten times more fun because you won’t spend time shuffling or better yet, watch another person shuffle when you have got more cards to play.


6 deck card shufflerThe beauty of the automatic card shuffler is that they are very easy to use. These little gadgets are neat to the extent that they become part of you easily. You will get to a particular point where you will shuffle your cards without even knowing you just did. All you need to do is load half of your cards on each side, which will only take a split second; and when that has been accomplished, you hit the card shuffler’s button and voila, the shuffling of your cards are complete and your cards are ready to be dealt. Just imagine the amount of time and energy you will save; you will be equipped with more card playing time when you have an automatic shuffler doing the shuffles for you.electric card shuffler

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The game you play doesn’t matter; whether it be Texas Hold em, BlackJack, or any other card game, the ease, and convenience you will derive from using a card shuffler can be compared to no other. Card shuffling machines come in different sizes and they can handle from up to two decks of a card to six decks of a card at a time. Just imagine the ease of shuffling six decks of a card at a time; can you see how handy the card shuffler can come?

Professional card shufflers do not only come in different sizes. There are also some that come with wood grain designs to make them look fanciful. There are even models that require no battery; using one of these means you can play your card game for a longer period of time anywhere without having to worry about shuffling.


automatic shufflerThis may sound like a silly idea, but if you play cards a lot, then you need to get yourself a card shuffling machine.

Besides the obvious fact, there are a lot of reasons why you need to get yourself one. The primary advantage is speed. As said before. If you are a slow shuffler or the person you are playing with is one, none of you would like to feel embarrassed, because seriously, nobody has time for that. Below are some of the main reasons why you need to get yourself an automatic professional card shuffler.

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Why should I use a card shuffling machine?

  • The first and foremost point are that it makes your games go quicker with each transition feeling like the breeze. It can be really annoying if you are playing a fantastic game and someone has to shuffle like 5 or 6 times more. Getting an automatic card shuffler will make the job pretty easy as it will do it with the ease of counting 1, 2, and 3.
  • The second benefit you can derive from getting a professional card shuffler is reliability. Once you use one of these beauties, you won’t have to reshuffle. This is not something that cannot be said about a dealer’s shuffling. Truth is, not everyone shuffles the same way, therefore, you need to let the machine help you out.
  • Reason number three; no strain, no embarrassment. Yes, everybody has their own way of shuffling cards, but there are people who are more efficient than others. Also, not all card shuffling techniques are useful. There’s nothing embarrassing about hitting a button. Get a professional card shuffler and I bet you shuffling the right way will never be difficult again.
  • If you are someone who has poker tournaments frequently, you will always get that casino feeling. To match your playing cards, custom poker chips, as well as the red velvet table and the carpet is a huge perk. Why don’t you go all out with it then?

In general, a playing card shuffler is a great tool to have for card enthusiasts. Games go faster, shuffling comes easier, and chances of cheating are less. Also, you will be doing a lot of people a great favor as most people really suck at shuffling cards.


electronic card shufflerNow to the different types of card shuffling machines there is. Without a doubt, while looking for a professional card shuffling machine, each player will have some specific necessities, though there are some components that are associated with all.

For instance, you need to consider the deck limit of every shuffle before making your purchase. Also, you need to keep in mind the kind of power your shuffler uses. Is it a manual shuffler that can be worked by using a wrenching lever? Or maybe what you are about to order is an electric shuffler; might probably be one that uses battery power. Whatever your necessities, you are bound to find one that suits your needs out of the ones below;


card shuffler in storeThis machine is obviously a 6 deck card shuffler. This is a shuffling tool that is appropriately strong enough to be used as a part of any gaming enterprise. Advanced and sold by Trademark poker, this machine is known for its extremely quiet operation. This 6 deck card shuffler works on an alignment of dry cell batteries, four size C batteries to be exact.

Rearranging all six decks at once is very easy. Also this 6 decks automatic card shuffler is so versatile it can be used with both big poker cards used for a scaffold, and the standard estimated cards. For you to be able to make a decision on whether this one is good for you, below are some major components of this 6 decks automatic card shuffler.deck shuffler

  • Rearranges up to 6 decks all at once
  • Relies on dry cell batteries
  • Works with poker estimated or extension cards
  • Built with plastic
  • Works with bridge sized and standard cards.
  • Uses four “C” batteries.shuffling machine


4 deck card shufflerAre you in any way puzzled by the unnecessary waiting time you go through simply because your card needs to be rearranged before play start? Then you need to get yourself the Laser Sports 4 deck card shuffler. This automatic shuffler can conveniently work on a lot of cards. It is limited to arranging just four card decks, making it the ideal tool for business playing tables. You don’t need to bother yourself, whether you are equipped with a single deck of cards or you fill all of the rearranging spaces, the convenience, and effectiveness of this awesome tools will not be card shufflerYou also get some fingertip controls to help you with rearranging your cards pretty fast without any kind of inconvenience.

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So, if you want to play your cards without dispensing much time sitting down and waiting for someone to shuffle cards for you, or maybe your hands get tired from rearranging a bundle of decks at a particular time, then you need to get yourself this 4 deck card shuffler. Whether your interest is in poker, scaffold, blackjack, rummy, pinochle, gin or canasta, this 4 deck card shuffler will mix all of these cards together, all by the push of just one button. You won’t regret having the Laser Sports shuffler. This 4 deck card shuffler is also made of plastic and powered by dry cell batteries.


playing card shuffler machineIf you have gone to a gambling club and you appreciate the easy way in which they rearrange their cards. And if you are thinking if you can have that type of ease and effectiveness at home, then you are in for a treat. This manual card shuffler is strong enough to rearrange two decks of the card at a time. This shuffler is equipped with no batteries, which means it works on manual power. All you need to do is work on a manual lever and the arrangement of your cards will commence. Be rest assured that your cards will be well and genuinely shuffled before you start playing.

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manual card shuffler

This manual card shuffler can be used for all types of cards and it makes a great and lovely
addition to any gaming table. This manual card shuffler is intended to shuffle just two decks of cards which you can gain access to, once the card has been shuffled, via a drawer underneath the unit. All by the work of a really easy to use wrench handle.

So now you can have your cards expertly shuffled, all you need is this manual card shuffler.

2 Deck Wooden Automatic Card Shuffler

card shufflerThis 2 deck card shuffler rearranges your cards pretty fast. Just split your cards in two, place each part in the spaces provided. Finally, press the button and each card will be rearranged. This 2 deck card shuffler is incredible for anyone who wants a less demanding approach to rearranging decks.

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If you want a 2 deck shuffler that is quite card shuffling machinesmall in size, yet still does its job in a precise way, Then you have come to the end of your search. This CHH marked 2 deck shuffler is all about proficiency. Besides the fact that is shuffled the deck in a much easier and simpler way, it does its work faster and you will get your reshuffled cards before you know it. This 2 deck card shuffler needs the power of 2 size C dry cell batteries to work and it’s also made of plastic.

It’s time to go into what and how this card shufflers are all about. How about I give you a general idea as to what the card shuffling machines are all about?


card shuffler machineNow, card shuffler machines are basically used to randomly shuffle a pack, or packs, of playing cards. They were employed by many casinos because the standard shuffling techniques of card shuffling were seen as weak. Also in order to circumvent inside jobs, that is, a situation where the casino’s employees work together with the gamblers by making ineffective and inefficient shuffles, a lot of casinos, before dealing, make use of automatic shuffling machines to shuffle the cards. These card shuffling machines are also in use to diminish repetitive motion stress damages to a dealer.

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The design of these professional card shufflers has to be carefully made, as they can become manipulative if care is not taken with the designs. The machines produced nowadays are mostly computer controlled. The subject of interest to the casinos and the gamblers is the randomness or otherwise gotten from these automatic card shufflers.

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There are mainly two variations of the card shuffler; the continuous shuffler, which happen to continuously shuffle one or more packs of cards, and the batch shuffler, which at a single operation, shuffles a single pack of cards. The batch shufflers are more cost that the continuous shuffler. Although they can circumvent some problems related to some continuous shufflers, where the operation of shuffling doesn’t do much but slowly changes the arrangement of the deck, and even before shuffling has adequately randomized the pack, new cards can be taken which makes it easier for the card players to “shuffle track” cards while the shuffling process is going on.

Many card shuffling machines were redesigned after an unpublished but widely reported study by Susan Holmes, Jason Fulman and Persi Diaconis, ANALYSIS OF CASINO SHELF SHUFFLING MACHINES, in the year 2000. The results were later published by SIAM news in a well-detailed discussion.


If you have ever played a card in one of Las Vegas’ casinos, there is a high chance of your cards being shuffled by an automatic shuffler. You might have wondered how these mysterious black boxes go about doing their job effectively, quietly, and efficiently, making sure that the outcome of the cards is random in order to protect the player and the casino. Well, mostly the casino.

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The shuffling machine is much more complicated than you can imagine. There are wheels, belts, motors, and gears moving the cards around with the efficiency of a robot and distributing them based on the kind of game being played.